For a comprehensive look at the Champagne region, you can combine several tours to immerse yourself in a wonderful multiday experience. Just choose your favourite activities, accommodation, lunch and we will set up this privately guided multiday tour for you!

Complimentary transportation in a clean, comfortable and air-conditioned Mercedes minivan.

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Step 1 Select your favourite activities (3 or 4 per day)

- Large champagne houses
- Small group cellar tours
- Private cellar tours of large or medium-sized houses (e.g. Dom Pérignon)
- Family-sized producers or medium-sized houses
- Technical tours for wine connoisseurs
- Comparative tasting class with a Champagne expert
- Tasting class at the winery
- Local Chocolate maker
- Local biscuits factory
- Single malt local producer
- Helicopter tour of the vineyards
- a quick tour in a tethered hot air balloon - Spa massage
- Champagne bistros
- Walk in the vineyards
- Walk in the forest (twisted ash trees in Verzy)
- Carriage tour in the vineyards
- Cooking class in English (half-day)
- Evening activities (seasonal or permanent)
- Grape-picking (seasonal)

Step 2 Choose the type of accommodation (Please indicate the number of nights - Multiple choice is possible if you spend more than one night)

Choice 1 Boutique and Romantic
In a boutique guest house or in a luxury hotel in a typical village situated in the heart of the Champagne vineyards

Choice 2 High standard hotel in the city center
In a luxury hotel situated in the city centre or near the station

Choice 3 Cosy hotel in Reims or Epernay or Bed & Breakfeast
In a comfortable hotel, conveniently situated in the centre of Reims, in Epernay or in a quiet champagne village

- Gourmet lunch
- Traditional French cuisine
- Brasserie
- A private tour and lunch at a small winery
- Champagne bistros (Cheese, ham and champagne pairing or samples of local dishes)

Step 3 Contact us

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